Thursday, April 16, 2015


Rebecca informed us, after school on Friday, that her "group had given her the job of bringing a teepee" to school for a short skit. She and Papa had fun brainstorming and working together to make something easy to set up and knock down. (A crucial part of the plot, we were told.) She also needed a staff and a stuffed buffalo...

Piggy back ride!
While I was reading a book to M3 before her nap she asked me if wolves were a type of wild dog. I said yes. Then she asked me if foxes were also wild dogs. I said that I didn't think so, I thought foxes were just foxes. M2 was excited to show me his library book later...

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Under the cover of darkness...

The younger two and I went grocery shopping this morning. I was scanning the clearance Easter candy for the brand of jelly beans that Papa likes as a surprise for him. M3 asked what I was looking for and helpfully found some other brands of jelly beans.

Me: "Papa likes the type that the Easter bunny brought you. I was just looking to see if they still had those here, but they don't."

Then hoping I hadn't said anything suspicious, I said, "I guess maybe that makes sense, maybe the.."

M3 (interrupting): "It does make sense, the Easter bunny probably stole them all to give to kids."

Me: "You think he steals them? I was thinking he maybe he had them made at a different place."

M3: "I think he steals them. He is a bunny."

The kids don't ask too many questions about Santa, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy, but some of their assumptions over the years make me wonder why they are so happy to see that those creatures visited. At one point, a while ago, she and M2 figured the tooth fairy probably makes weapons out of the teeth.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M3 - Kindergarten screening!

M3 went to kindergarten screening this morning. She's been so ready for school and was excited for this first step. They screen the kids in small groups by watching how they interact while playing with each other and then pulling them over to do some assessment. During this time the parents are in a different room filling out registration forms and talking to the nurse about needed vaccinations.

M3 was her typical self-possessed self. The school secretary greeted us and split up the adults and kids. As she led us to our rooms she said, "The kids can get an eye screening from the Lions." M3 brightly said, "We get ice cream with lions!?"

As her group of 3 kids were led into their room she waved her hand over her head and called, "See you Mom and Dad!" without even looking back. (One child was kind of dragging his feet and watching after his mom and the other little girl went crying into the parent room.) 

Not surprisingly, she's ready for kindergarten. She got all the possible points - academically and socially. The kindergarten teachers do the screening and I do wonder if they would be excited to have someone so outgoing and prepared or if it is too much energy!

Papa and I both went along today. Our town's school districts were recently changed and there are some large changes happening in the staffing. M2 and M3 will attend a different school than the one M2 is currently at. We could petition to stay at our old school, but with M3 just starting and M4 waiting it seemed like an ok time to switch. It was really nice to meet some of the staff, see the inside of the building, and get a feel for what we have in store. I think we'll spend some time on the playground there this summer too.

I'm excited for M3's big step next year and as much as she's ready I'm sad to see her preschool days ending. Hardly feels like a blink of an eye!


M4 has reached an age where he can play independently or with the older kids for longer stretches of time. We have cycles of relative peace or strife around here and I think we are in a good stretch now. Saturday morning the kids played in the girls' room for ages and at other times they tend to look for each other for occupation instead of asking me to help them find something to do.

Yesterday Papa and I were both getting ready for work and I had a chance to admire how nice it is for them to have each other. M3 had a reading log to turn in for preschool that day and she had 37 of the 40 lines filled up. M2 saw her sheet and exclaimed, "Catie, I have 3 library books I can read to you! I can read them before school!" They got dressed and ready and she listened as he read about Mambas, Aligators, and Pythons. They found me later so that I could help record the last books. They were both excited to have figured out a way to fill up the sheet.

MG gets ready very efficiently in the morning, compared to the rest of us. Some days she'll come back into the kitchen and happily sit with M4 while he finishes his breakfast. They giggle and chat and it frees Papa or I up to get ourselves ready. Yesterday after breakfast she helped him down and then humored him by buying play food from the grocery store he was operating.

The older two have always been fairly tolerant of the younger two, but it is sweet to see them choosing to help without it being suggested.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Dreams and goals

Ready for "Wacky clothes" day at preschool!
M3 had fun picking out her outfit for wacky clothes day at preschool. (A part of the celebration of Dr Suess's birthday.) As I was getting myself ready for work I heard her singing.

I never have gotten to wear tights to school, but today I can.
I didn't know that I could be a singer, but I am singing now.
I wasn't sure if I could be a librarian, but I got a librarian kit for Christmas!


I had several things to blog about and planned to write this Monday night and now everything else has been lost, including the scratch paper I jotted those ideas down on.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I've been feeling a little guilty that my two week days at home a week are usually spent doing laundry, maybe cleaning, but definitely trying to get stuff done. I miss the years I spent home with the older two where I organized my day around them instead of expecting the younger two to occupy themselves as much as possible. We do have a lot more that needs to get done now to keep the family running smoothly.
 I'm trying to kick it old school today. I filled the CD changer with some of our favorites from years ago and am just doing odds and ends around playtime. I have no major projects or plans for the day. I think part of the problem is that they do very well playing together for long stretches, so I get into something and have trouble putting it down to read a book, set up an art project, or help play. (They are reading in a fort, so that is why the blog is getting some attention.)

I always want to make a homemade gift for each child for Christmas, but have realized in the last couple years that I just can't fit that into the fall. But during our travels over the holidays and some down time in January and February I did get a chance to knit them each something. Knitting is nice because I can pick it up for a minute or two and set it down again without the set-up of sewing. (And my sewing machine is in need of some repair or some sort.) Leg warmers for dance for the girls, sleeping socks for M2, and a hat for M4. M2 picked out the green yarn and M4 wanted to match him. All 4 gifts are a little big, so not very good for dance class where M3 had a leg warmer go flying once or twice! But, the kids were happy to receive them.

And fort reading is done!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Two traps

Saturday morning we discovered a mouse in the house. Well, Grandma M discovered it as it ran across the living room floor! We've never seen a mouse inside and we don't have any signs that it has been living here long. I think it ran inside a few days ago when M3 didn't pull the door to the garage tight.

Papa bought a couple live traps and we crossed our fingers.

On Sunday morning the boys were reading on the couch when M2 shouted that the mouse ran out from under the couch and under the desk. After a bit of a chase the mouse ran downstairs and hid. Last night we set the trap up in the living room, along a wall between the stairs and couch.

This morning it was in the trap and Papa took it out of the house!

I share this story because I wanted to remember our diner conversation last night. M3 wondered how many mice were in the house and we said we were pretty sure just one.

M2 asked what would happen if it were a girl and a boy mouse ran into her.

"Lots of mice!" we said.

M.G. than said, "And if two girl mice run into each other they'd probably start a book club."

 M.G. was really working hard to wiggle a loose molar last night. After tucking her in, Papa said that he was thinking she might be testing the tooth fairy tonight by pulling the tooth out after bed and putting it out without telling us.

When the tooth fairy went looking for the previous lost tooth a few weeks ago it was tucked under a stuffed animal instead of where Papa helped her put it at bedtime. (M.G. has a little plastic tooth case to put the teeth in.)

Thinking we were going to do something magical, Papa went in with a flashlight before we went to bed and looked for the plastic tooth case. It was on the shelf by her bed, empty.

In the morning, M.G. came out to show off her tooth, which she had placed in a little cup on the shelf before she fell asleep and which had been neglected by the tooth fairy!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not really much of a post

Well, what happened to November? Yikes! Perhaps I'll go back and comment later... I just wanted to jot down a couple December memories before they get lost in the haze.

We picked a number to see who'd put the star on the top of the tree. Everyone except for the chosen one felt bad, so I started in the hall and we had a procession, Olympic torch style, with each person walking a little closer to the tree and handing the star to the person waiting. The kids were going with it. The star got to M4 who shouted, "I STAR!" and started running all over the room swinging the star like it were an axe. The older three thought he was hilarious, which egged him on completely.

Every morning after preschool I put M3's school papers and craft projects on one of the middle row chairs in the van so that they aren't in the way when she needs to pull her snowpants out of her bag at daycare in the afternoon.

After daycare we slowly make our way to the van with their bags and sometimes their afternoon snacks and sometimes we are all very tired and distracted. I open the doors when we get outside so that M3 can jump in while M4 and I take our time getting there. It was so windy one afternoon last week. I opened the doors and M3's page from school, a gingerbread boy, flew out and started swirling around the parking lot. It was deserted and no cars were coming, so I ran around trying to stomp on the paper with my foot. Every time I got close the wind would pick up and swirl it away. M3 was shouting, "It's just like a real gingerbread boy! It's just like a real gingerbread boy!" Eventually I did rescue the gingerbread boy and we made it home!